About Our Company

About Us

We are Goldlink Capital, a global asset manager and investment firm offering investment services to individual and large investors at large. View our firm's details Here

Value drives everything we do. As a global asset manager, value is what we hope you find in your relationship with us. One of our founding partners would always say, ‘If we do what’s right for our clients, the business will take care of itself.’ That ‘client-first’ approach still guides decision-making today.

We view every market entry as if we are buying a piece of a business and seek to invest with management teams that are well-aligned with shareholders. We have has developed a strong reputation as a long-term, shareholder-oriented investment firm. We are patient investors who believe that the intrinsic value of an underlying asset will be recognized by the market over time. When we find investments that meet our criteria, we invest as professionals. Our greatest competitive advantage is our long-term investment horizon

Investment Security

Our research analysts are generalists. This approach ensures that we remain industry agnostic and focused on secure investments.

Focused Portfolios

We believe our bottom-up research process allows us to identify some of the most attractive investment opportunities in the market.

Value investing redefined.

All material risks and opportunities must be factored in to our intrinsic values. We believe it’s not only the responsible thing to do, but it’s required to thoroughly analyze the sustainability of a market asset.